Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Boston Celtics Offseason: Scenario Number 1

This is the start of a series of post about Celtics offseason moves. Some moves are very realistic and some moves are very unlikely. I'll start by saying I have a couple of Kevin Durant scenarios but don't make a significant move right away, they have no chance of getting Durant. Also I have the Nets draft pick that the Celtics owns being the third overall pick. The draft lottery could fall in the Celtics favor by giving the first or second pick, but they are more likely to get the third. First let's talk about the Celtics needs. The first is they do not have a superstar player. Isaiah Thomas led the Celtics in points per game, assists per game and free throws per game. He was an All-Star for the first time and he did all that at 5'9". He may be an All-Star but there are too many things he can't do. Getting another scorer on the team would take the pressure off Thomas and he'd end up taking more high quality shots. In my opinion however that is not the Celtics biggest problem. They have three bigger problems that need addressing in order to get a superstar. Those are 3-point shooting, offensive rebounds and rim protection. This scenario will cover all of those problems. Also this scenario does not end with the Celtics getting Kevin Durant. That's for another time. I'll start with the three trades. The first target is Jimmy Butler. The Bulls are a team that I believe should start the rebuilding process. Jimmy Butler will net them enough draft pick and players to accelerate the rebuilding process. Danny Ainge is very crafty and knows the relationship between Jimmy Butler and the Bulls head coach isn't the best, so I believe he won't have to give up an arm and a leg to get him. I see him trading Avery Bradley, James Young, the Nets pick & the Celtics pick for Jimmy Butler. The Bulls will ask for Jae Crowder but I believe they will give in if this is the deal.
Next is a trade for Kenneth Faried. Faried was had the second most offensive rebounds per game this season only behind Andre Drummond. The Nuggets have a lot of holes they need to fill but also a lot of draft picks. I believe they can package Danilo Gallinari with pick they can get the superstar they need. They'll need role players to surround that superstar with though. So the Celtics would trade Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger and the right to swap with Nets in the 2017 Draft for Kenneth Faried. This fills the fixes the offense rebounding problem the Celtics have.
The last trade is pretty minor. Since they trade Marcus Smart away, Terry Rozier would move in as the back up. I'm not sure how I feel about that so I have the Celtics trading R.J. Hunter and a second round pick to the Knicks for Jose Calderon and cash. This helps with shooting off the bench and he's a better at the assist than Marcus Smart. With those trades there are still holes to fill but letting Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko go would allow for one more big contract and a medium contract. They start with Al Horford. If the Hawks are smart they will not resign Horford. He's great on defense and a great mid range and perimeter shooting. His rebounding and lack of low post skills is a huge problem for a team like the Hawks. If you pair him with Faried however you have a devastating combination. The medium signing is of course Evan Turner. His ability to do everything well and his love of Boston makes it almost impossible not to re-sign him. There are also a handful of smaller signings that would help and provide insurance. Re-Signing Tyler Zeller for a two year deal would be beneficial. If he asks for too much money however, they can sign someone like Kendrick Perkins. He loved playing in Boston and would come back if Danny called. Now the Celtics also have the Mavs pick to fill a few other roles. I'd also be happy to see Paul Pierce come back if he doesn't retire. So let's at the line up.
  1. Isaiah Thomas PG
  2. Jimmy Butler SG
  3. Jae Crowder SF
  4. Kenneth Faried PF
  5. Al Horford C
  1. Jose Calderon PG
  2. Terry Rozier SG/PG
  3. Evan Turner GF
  4. Jordan Mickey PF
  5. Kelly Olynyk FC
With Brad Stevens defensive coaching style and ability to make adjustments depending on opponents and situations, these Celtics could challenge the Warriors and Cavs for the NBA Title.