Saturday, March 5, 2016

How I Would Book the Bullet Club in WWE

I am not very happy with the WWE right now. It is mainly due to WWE shoving Roman Reigns down our throats. I honestly don't hate Roman Reigns, but I don't want him as my number one contender and I certainly don't want him as my champion. WWE however doesn't care. Roman Reigns is going to win the title at WrestleMania against Triple H. Sorry to Dean Ambrose, unfortunately you are probably going to lose at Roadblock. WWE also has no plans for turning Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose heel. This leaves a big hole for a new heel to take on Reigns for the title after WrestleMania. I would love Bray Wyatt to do so, but that probably won't happen. The Raw after WrestleMania sees Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose celebrating in the ring when they are confronted by Finn Balor and the debuting Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. That's right the Bullet Club or in this case the Balor Club. Before I go further they could also use AJ Styles for this role if they want to keep Finn Balor as NXT Champion. Balor challenges Reigns for his title and when Ambrose tells him to get in the back of the line, Gallows and Anderson attack them. After a bit of a stalemate the main event is book for Reigns and Ambrose in a tag match against Gallows and Anderson. During the main event Gallows and Anderson control the majority of the match, but when Reigns finally fights back Finn Balor interferes and the referee calls a DQ. The Balor Club proceed to beat downs Reigns and Ambrose before stealing Roman's title. The next several weeks have Roman Reigns trying to get his belt back from Finn Balor, who keeps escaping with it until the week before the PPV after WrestleMania. (I honestly have no idea which one that is.) Finn Balor tells Roman Reigns he can have it back if he beats him at the PPV. Reigns says if Balor Club can beat his team he can have the belt. Balor Agrees and the Balor Club begin their beat down on Reigns and Ambrose until the returning John Cena makes the save. The three stand tall as the Balor Club live to fight another day. When the PPV rolls around, footage is shown of John Cena being attacked before the match. Reigns and Ambrose decided to go on with the match and have it be a handicap match instead. The Balor Club control the whole match but towards the end Reigns mounts a comeback. He takes out Gallows and Anderson, but is blindsided by Finn Balor. Out comes John Cena, miraculously healed and jumps on the ring apron reaching for Reigns to tag him in. Reigns fights Balor off long enough to tag Cena in. Cena stares down Balor, but quickly turns and F-U's Reigns. Notice I said F-U and AA. Balor proceeds to cover Reigns 1-2-3. Balor grabs the belt and a microphone and hands them to Cena. Cena holds up the belt and declares, "The Champ is here!". Now because a John Cena heel turns is like an urban legend, no one will see this coming and the crowd will be left in shock. This will be the birth of Hollywood Cena. In my opinion this would increase viewership tenfold. People have been wanting a John Cena heel turn for a while now. This could also build up for Seth Rollins' return as a face and could lead to a Shield reunion in an attempt to take out the growing Balor Club, which will not be renamed Cena Club. It could also lead to a completely dominant run that leads to an implosions. Now I know people say a Cena heel turn will never happen because it's bad for business, but what would WWE rather have? A face that some people will pay to see win or a heel that everyone will pay to see lose?

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