Friday, June 17, 2016

Unlikely Money In The Bank Predictions

So WWE Money in the Bank is this Sunday and it should be pretty good. The MITB Ladder Match will most likely steal the show. John Cena vs. AJ Styles could be a classic, maybe even a 5-Star Match. The Main Event is being billed as a WrestleMania quality match. I disagree because Roman Reigns has to be carried through matches for them to be good. If Seth Rollins knee is one hundred percent he should be able to carry Roman. I have predictions that are almost guaranteed not to happen. Let's start with the not so crazy predictions.
In the U.S. Title match I have Titus O'Neal going over Rusev. I think after the silly suspension and the fact that it's Father's Day, Titus will get his first major singles title. I also have a feeling it will be a Zack Ryder like reign unfortunately.
Next Apollo Crews will go over Sheamus, probably on the pre-show.
Natalia and Becky Lynch will probably go over on Charlotte and Dana Brook in order to build more tension between Charlotte and Brook.
For the Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match for the titles I have the New Day retaining. I think Xavier Wood will play a big part and give them the win. I would like the Club to win but I think WWE is saving that for Summerslam.
Now for the crazy predictions.
The Miz comes out to brag about his latest movie and that he's much too tired to defend his title. Then Shane or Stephanie comes out and tells him he has to defend his title or he'll be striped of it. Miz says he'll beat anyone they throw at him. Music hits and out comes Shinsuke Nakamura. After a good match and end of the match beating by Nakamura, there is a new Intercontinental Champion. I have Nakamura coming up because of the upcoming draft and so Nakamura and Finn Balor can feud over something and so they don't have to work both main roster and NXT.
Next is the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the Main Event. As the six men make their entrances, Shane or Stephanie come out again to announce a seventh participant. Out comes Bray Wyatt. For this I have two outcomes, both I would be fine with. First Bray goes over and wins the briefcase. Second Dean Ambrose goes over and with the briefcase. The only other person in the match that I believe is ready for a main event push is Kevin Owens, but I don't think WWE is ready to push him. Regardless of who wins I have both men cashing that night. If it's Dean, I have him turning the match into a triple threat and being pinned by Rollins. That way Reigns still looks unbeatable (Which he shouldn't) and Dean can put them over...again. If Bray wins, I have him and the Wyatts attacking Roman after he wins. Bray hits Sister Abigail to become the NEW WWE champion.
Finally we come to John Cena vs. AJ Styles. I'll start with what I think will happen. I believe at towards the end of the match the Club will run out but only as a distraction. Then Finn Balor will appear from the crowd and take out AJ Styles. John Cena hits the AA for the win. Balor Cub beats down AJ before Cena makes the save. I have two crazier outcomes in mind. First after the bell rings, the Club immediately runs down. AJ tells them to wait before laying down in the ring. John Cena makes the cover and they join forces. The other outcome has a great match between Cena and Styles before the Club runs down. The jump in the ring and betray Styles.  The ref calls the DQ and Cena pushes Gallows and Anderson away then begins stomping out Styles. This should be a successful double turn meaning the much awaited John Cena heel turn. Cena gives Styles the You Can't See Me and they leave him a crumbled mess.
That's what I want Money in the Bank to go, but of course I'm just a crazy fan.

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