Monday, June 15, 2015

Red Sox Salvaged Season

The Red Sox came into the season, on paper, the best offense in baseball. They also had hope for their rotation. But the season has been a disaster so far. Many people blame John Farrell. Others blame the new batting box rule. Both seem plausible, but I'm not sure yet. The question is can the Red Sox salvage the season and make a playoff run? I believe they can and I believe it will take one trade and some roster moves. The trade is with the Reds and will be dubbed the Second Coming of Luis Tiant. I have the Red Sox trading prospects Henry Owens and Edwin Escobar, Justin Masterson and Mookie Betts for Johnny Cueto and Aroldis Chapman. Now I know that sounds a little out there and I expect to get plenty of negative responses, but the Reds are looking to move them. Now I'm not traded Mookie Betts because I've given up on him. I'm doing it because it's the only way to get this trade done. Same thing with Henry Owens. His high upside makes him a perfect trade candidate. He has struggled with his walk rate this season but he has great hit and miss stuff. Then you throw in Masterson for payroll and Edwin Escobar to but a good bullpen lefty for the Reds. I do believe they'll have to throw in one more prospect, but LHP Brian Johnson and 3B Rafael Devers should be the only ones off limits. I'd also like them to keep RHP Pat Light. And obviously Yoan Moncada is off limits. Now with Mookie Betts traded it's time for Jackie Bradley to get his second chance. His gap power has returned and his defense is always reliable. I also have them bring Dalier Hinojosa back up as well. He's doing a very good job at AAA and the Sox need more good relievers. So with these acquisitions the rotation should look like this:
  1. Johnny Cueto
  2. Clay Buchholz
  3. Eduardo Rodriguez*
  4. Rick Porcello
  5. Wade Miley*
Of course that means Joe Kelly is headed to the minors. I believe if he spend an extra year done there he can figure out all his problems.
The bullpen should look like this
  1. Aroldis Chapman*
  2. Koji Uehara
  3. Junichi Tazawa
  4. Craig Breslow*
  5. Dalier Hinojose
  6. Tommy Layne*
  7. Alexi Ogando
  8. Steven Wright 
With the acquisition of Chapman that will move Koji to the setup roll. I believe with that extra rest since Tazawa is also there will make him dominate again. This will also keep Matt Barnes down in AAA. I love Barnes and believe he can dominate someday in the near future.
With these move I believe they can make a push. Mainly because the Yankees seem to be faltering, The Blue Jays have inconsistent pitching, the Rays are very young and the Orioles are going back and fourth. Don't misunderstand, the Yankees are the only team I don't believe they can keep up their winning ways. They are old and fragile and the dominos have already began to fall. Ellsbury and Miller are on the DL and it's only a matter of time before Teixiera and Beltran are there too. But that's an article for another day.

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